Includes CD With a Previously Unreleased Track!

By the gracious consent of the Atkins Family and The Chet Atkins Professional Trust: included within this book is the World Premiere on CD of Chet Atkins playing the "Courante" from the French Suite No. 2 by J. S. Bach. (note: this CD contains only 1 track - the "Courante" by J.S. Bach)

This piece was originally intended to be included in the original Solo Sessions CDs but was unfortunately omitted during production.

Solo Sessions Chet Atkins
"Why would someone of Chet's stature and age go through all of the trouble of arranging and learning an extremely difficult piece like this and play it on the electric guitar?

Of course, we know the answer - because he could!

It was just Chet being Chet. He was always trying to grow and do new things."

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